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Second Chances
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Second Chances

Poem By nisha dyrene

And so it is…
Just when I think I am strong enough
To let you go without hurting myself
Soon after I am done being mad at you
And the things you said
When my mind is clear
And my head is high
And I have convinced myself
That breaking up is the best solution
…I start to miss you

And then bam
It hits me
Like a blow to the solar plexus
And takes the clarity out my plans
Flooding me with feelings
Long stashed away.

My chest tightens
My own throat chokes me
My vision blurs
And some nameless thing
Somewhere deep
Starts to hurt like crazy

And I cry
And miss you like
All those things poets say
And I think
Of what I would give
To hold you to me so tight
That I could breathe you in

And I think
That I can forgive you for hurting me
That maybe we can make it together
And so it is.

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