Folded Air

I've held within my clumsy grasp,
caressed as air turned velvet red,
fleeting blooms which time forgot,
taken selfish from their beds.

Through earthly gardens have I passed,
and in passing marvelled quite,
at nature's knack for breaking hearts,
and blackening the endless nights.

I oft reflect upon those blooms,
imperfect formed by memory,
which caught my eye in passing once,
and briefly took my breath away.

Though one such bare can I recall,
within my palm no face unfolds,
her beauty lay as folded air,
beyond sight's witness to behold.

by Robert Kane

Comments (3)

Have always loved and easily remembered this verse. Something about that castle on the sand!
..........the poetess takes us from one extreme to the other....great write..
Well, it won't fit the guided meditation on the sand and rock parable, but I still love it!