WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)

Second Morning

I wake up without wanting to wake up
I remember the words so clearly
Go outside, go and breathe
And come back and do what you need to

Don’t worry, I’ll be right here with you
I can still remember those words
My love, my dear, my life till I die
My everything since the first leap

Keep on going, fall and rise
Keep moving and dismiss the aversion
Take a breath and take in the sun
Get hit and heal, get hurt and make amends

My dearest affection, my dearest pain
The only sliver of sunlight I need
Stay with me and I’ll be right here
Forever yours, because I’m no one

Your loyal servant, my own collapse
The loneliness hurts, but the cure is near
An eternal unconsciousness avoided
My dear life, you healed my soul.

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