Second Thoughts

You're chipping away at my heart
Piece by piece and soon it will be gone
Next you'll take my mind and then my body
I will have nothing left to give
I know what you did and i will never forget it
It will be the heavy weight I'll have to carry
i don't know why i believe this lie you've got me living
The thing i know best is to stick up for myself
But when it's about you that power is lost
I don't know what she's got that i don't
But i hope you like her
You can't have all of her with me on the side
Or all of me with her on the side
It's either her or me
Soon i'll become stronger and then i'll be gone
You will have to live with what you did
I'm not gonna stick around like you think i am
I'll ponder this question
You've got me thinking about and i'll leave
Just leave with no second thoughts

by Just Becca

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