' Second Thoughts

As I sit here deep in thought,
Retracing the path of yesterdays
When first this journey began,
Still in its infancy....

Eager to explore each others' mind
From every possible perspective,
Every wonderful, unknown mystery
Unfolding breathlessly,

I couldn't get enough of you -
Wanting to taste your every thought,
Devour each beat of your heart
Savoring your newness;

Transformed by the strength of your power
To lift me in spirit, in soul,
Enriched by the grace of your knowing -
All of my senses so alive;

And in my greed, I smothered you -
Ingested your very identity
And made it a part of myself,
Oblivious to your needs,

And now the excitement has vanished,
Along with your passion, your wonder,
Leaving me empty and starving
For the very essence of you;

And with excitement's demise
Spontaneity moves into obligation -
The albatross of regret, of indifference
Eclipsing our fragile sun.


by Linda Ori

Comments (2)

Reflecting over the perspectives of dear ones surely reveals the void within and makes one long for such ones to be near to fill the gap soon!
Linda. I know your thoughts very well. We build up people to almost god status, but like all mortals we are flawed. Top marks and thanks for sharing this with us my friend. Hugs David