Seconding One Mind

Verisimilar thoughts displayed,
entombed within minds capricious;
circumstances change one's ideal,
living's touch proven specious;
secernate life's divide,
prose read rends consciousness auspicious;
individuals, unlike these times,
whirl round wording facetious.

Pessimal grows the web of life,
mind stands alone against its faltering;
environs rankle our most innocent,
the corrupt perpetuate meddling;
obscure truths and blinding themes,
epitomize incognizant peddling;
affinity, once bliss between like minds,
reduced to nescient piddling.

Mellisonant immanence restrictive clause,
one's nebulose nocuments;
resonance wispy euphony,
word's expanse alluring supplement;
irrefragable concatenations,
aborning draws casuist commitments;
idiasm, statures obtained,
euphoric coactions lyrical ferment.

Peremptory trust of one's penned verse,
diffuses insouciant aims;
cognation, trysting peened by word's plexor,
test each soul's disclaim;
expatiates thoroughly that reason,
that whit all thought inflames;
connections touch invisibly,
over minds bound by poetry's lifelines.

Introspection, the blood that binds like minds,
flows across blank page;
musing's gifts, thoughts quenched,
joined pens produce truth's adage;
isolate words, these passions pass,
this second mind reliant assuage;
superscription, ideas applaud,
complexity, is creative ambage.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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