I have a secret
I know I never keep anything from you
But I couldnt help this

Dont take it personal
It's more of a test
Life can be about testing, sometimes

You tested me
Now I have to test you
It may come out eventually
But for now... this will be me
Testing you

I forgive you for what you did
I need to do something now
To be sure I can still trust you

I know you're good hearted
You care a lot for me
So please try to understand
I'm sure you will
Dont take this personal

by Kristen Otto

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oh dear, this sounds like someone could be in trouble Kristen? lol Tricks are for trickster, I don't believe in secrets between lovers, but poets seem to play all sorts of head f**k games, must be their nature, not this poet though, good luck and I hope he doesn't dissappoint you, Tai