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Secret Keeper
DT (28th August / Kerala, India)

Secret Keeper

Poem By Deepa Thomas

Dark, Mysterious eyes,
Holding a hundred untold secrets
In their hidden depths
Gazed, deep into mine
Searching for my little secrets
And caught me imprisoned there.
I felt myself drowning
Deep into its unknown depths
Not a single resort to hold on.
Something stirred deep inside
The world changed in an instant
My secrets were no longer mine
But I got myself a secret keeper
I felt myself relaxing
And started enjoying the ride.

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Comments (3)

Wow... I would love to fall in love...
This is one of my favorites. The beauty of your poem is it sends the msg/feelings across (in simple language) that the other person can really feel it :)
My god! How can you sing about falling in love in such understated tones and bring so much effect? ? ?