Wish You Could Come Back

I think about you everyday
Your memory just can’t seem to fade

I wish you were still here
To wipe away all the tears

Why did you have to go?
I wish I could know

I guess it was just your time
But this is where I draw the line

I forgive you
And I love you too

If you could come back
I’d have a heart attack

There’s so many things I wish I would’ve said
I think, while I lay here in bed

Wishing you could come back to me
So you could see

That I love you..

by LindZ .

Comments (3)

Wow... I would love to fall in love...
This is one of my favorites. The beauty of your poem is it sends the msg/feelings across (in simple language) that the other person can really feel it :)
My god! How can you sing about falling in love in such understated tones and bring so much effect? ? ?