OE ( / Humacao, Puerto Rico)

Secret Love

Shackled to you I live, Sweet Sleeping Nymph!
Possessed, undone, I walk the days and nights,
And do but think, and cry, and pray and praise
The day you oozed into my life to stay.

Dear God! How can I love you so? Alone,
I cherish that which should not be, our love.
Oh Secret Love, be mine forever mine;
Live in my thoughts, my acts, my life, my all.

Please be, Sweet Sleeping Nymph, my Praise to God;
In me, and I in you, we both are one;
One in God's love, together we will live.
Alone, together, one. Forevermore!

Forevermore! Oh, yes; we are but one!
Eternity awaits our flight of love;
So come, oh come with me, my Secret Love,
To live our life of love eternally!

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