JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Secret Love

secret Love
the longing to look straight
into those bleary eyes
decimated by fear,
an anxious smitten heart
imperiled by the shyness
of teenage years.
a budding emotion
that suddenly ran riot
unsettling the world
inside and out.
in the dead of night,
i tried calming this
nocturnal storm
that beat down
in cyclic rhythms
into a torrent sea
of passion.
a one-man drama
in romantic sojourn
one mind plodding
into the silence
of the night
that echoed
even my breath
my desire.
the illusive warmth
from secret love
enshrouded me,
fragments of a fairy tale
i tried clinging to
for moments of
emotional sanity, comforts,
joy, estascy
all made up to soothe
a new heart so eager for adventure,
yet helplessly paralysed.
growing up
like pounding waves
washed out the footsteps
of a child straddling
on the beach of adultland.
from the years of
such self-indulged passion
i rinse out verses,
a light through prism,
the wonder of the rainbow
i savour more deeply now

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