A New Razor Lies Beside Me

A new razor lies beside her
Never been used
It Keeps starring her in the eyes
Saying 'Come on *******,
You know you want me,
Pick me up,
Draw me towards your skin,
Put me up against your arm,
And press me down,
As you drag me across your wrist,
You know you want to,
So just do it already,
He doesnt love you,
If he did, wouldnt ya'll be together,
And ya'll arent,
So do it already,
Cut yourself already!
Thats all you're good for,
Is using me to ease your pain!
Come on!
Let all of that anger out!
You know you want to,
So just do it already,
And if you cut too deep,
It's okay,
He doesnt love you anyways, '
She looks at the razor,
And asks herself 'Should i?
Or should i not?
The razor's right,
****** doesnt love me,
Where is he now?
Somewhere not caring about me!
I bet im the last thing on his mind!
So yeah, i WILL cut myself,
No one cares anyways,
So who are they to tell me its stoopid?
Im doing this to MYSELF!
Not to them,
So it shouldnt be any of their concern!
So if i dont wake up in the morning,
Just know that i love you ******,
Even tho you dont love me back...'

by Selena Star

Comments (21)

secret love we all have one
Amazing poem of clandestine love and longings bestowed by it on one who loves. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
The pain behind the rhythm is touching. A very good one!
................love should never be kept secret....cause the one you love may have the same feelings for you....if kept secret and love was never embraced....then it would be a tragedy...
Hmm. Sounds like he bonked her then left her. Nasty business, and not very empowering. It may even rank with teenage angst.
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