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Secret Meetings
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Secret Meetings

Poem By Rachel L. Z.

No one believes anymore
In Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny,
Even Cupid has lost his fans.
So they get together once a month
To plot their revenge on children everywhere

They meet in Cupid's basement,
Because Santa's basement is much too cold,
And Bunny's is filthy
They play some poker,
And talk smack about kids.
Santa steps out of his fat suit
Bunny removes off his ear extentions and Velcro-pouch
Cupid tosses his wings, bow, and quiver of arrows in a corner.

After a few beers, things liven up.
Bunny begins to hop around in time to the songs on the radio.
Santa throws darts at a picture of a happy little boy,
That is kept pasted onto the wall for such occasions,
Cupid lights up a cigar,
And blows smoke hearts that shatter.

When Cotton-Eyed Joe comes on,
And Santa starts Do-Si-Doing with Bunny.
Mother Nature comes downstairs
To end the evening quickly.

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