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Secret Room
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Secret Room

A little room within my heart
has a door that wears a star
with a weathered name emblazoned there.
This is where you are.

It's not a large room, tucked away,
but where my soul can see
just where it is in case I need
a precious memory.

The door is safely closed now
for a time that's yet to come,
but when and if it does,
the door will melt away, my love.

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Comments (4)

Nice, though not innovative nor inventive nor original imagery. Jerked at the chords of my mindsoul. Brims over with feeling. Nice! BW Michael Witkowski
since it's jokes day for me (did I not thunk of you this very day...) - glad you popped up again...
Oh that's so... so...sad (in the old sense of the word, full to the measure) and lovely (in the old sense of the word) ...thanks.
Nice to see another rhyming poet here. There don't seem to be many of us. I like this very much, C.J. Beautiful in its intended simplicity. Very straightforward.