Secret Weapon

Problems, problems everywhere
they always exist here and there.
No solutions are found until today
eventually they are moving to the worst way.
War, anger, injustice & colonization
I wish we stop this invasion.
I won't stand & see this growing damage
I won't let it free, I'll arrive this message.
Let's cooperate together to succeed in this war
let's defeat problems and throw it so far.
At least we'll fight together to save the universe
we should all do this without any converse.

by Reem Ehab

Comments (5)

Great poem of plea. Secret weapon is consideration for one another.
This poem's wonderful...your rhyme dances down the page and reaches the heart..from where it was written.....lovely piece Keep expressing Jon
interesting, astrong poem, i like your rhyme. will done and keep writing
stunning! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ....very melodious can write very well.
MAGNIFICENT! ! , I really like the rhyme....your words are totally right! ! , we must unite and stop this crisis! ! ..........well written 10/10 Merna