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Secret Word

Secret Word


Everything on earth is good —=
God didn't create anything bad,
He manifests himself in all things,
All things mirror his attributes,
Of all the things He created,
Man is the largest sized mirror,
In which He sees His full being,
He is neither United nor distinct from His things,
If I say, He is within man, the philosophers will laugh at me ==
How can a finite thing hold infinite!
If I say He is wifthout Man, Gnostics will jeer at me ==
Who lives in man? Is Man void inside?
It is a sheer nonsense ==
God pervades whole space and whole time,
Who are you to deny him space within Man?
Let me express the secret word ==
Man can be known through God alone,
God can be known through man alone.


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philosophical an dcompelling- good write!
He manifests himself in all things God pervades whole space and whole time.... //.... Lovely poem with a spiritual message. Never mind skeptics.
Philosophical writings on God, creations and the man//