She was a happy little girl
Know one would suspect
The teachers thought she was great
And was very intellect
But know one knew
How heavy her heart was
The strain it was under
For carrying something
not to different from thunder
the crashing and blare
and pain it would cause
would strike fear with every stare
you couldn’t tell
because she done a good job to hide
until the day came when
when someone said something so snide
‘why do you come to school yourself
Is it co’s your parents don’t really care’
He looked at her with a glassy stare
‘do they hate you is that why
Do they lock you in a bedroom
And want you to die’
This girl wanted to cry
But she plucked up the courage
And finally spoke
‘ why would you think that
That’s awfully mean ‘
But the truth was that this was true
They’d lock her in her bedroom
Until their argument is through
She would never show it
And would never cry
She would just sit on the floor and smile
Cos she knew that once they were done
They’d come upstairs’ give her a hug
And say
‘baby it’s okay were just being dumb

by Lisa John

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