I wonder if you understand
The power held within your hand
That burns into my very soul -
I wonder if you know..........

That I can see through your disguise
The fire burning in your eyes -
Reflections of your deepest thoughts -
I wonder if you know..........

That I've become a part of you -
The something that you always knew
Was waiting just beyond your reach -
I wonder if you know..........

The passion burning in my heart,
The love that's tearing me apart,
The dreams that never can come true -
I wonder if you know..........

That I would give all I possess
To linger in your sweet caress -
You're everything that I desire..........
I wonder if you know.

by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

Linda, Are you supposed to tell people things like that? How do you expect to keep your feminine mystique ?
A heartbreaking scenario! Encapsulated in poetry that matches the delicate passion of a secret love. Top notch writing as ever. jim xx
Beautiful.... the secrets that a woman holds within her gentle heart, if only they could see.
tender thoughts expressed with sincerity...
Good and expressive poem. So beautifully complimented by the caption. Keep it up... Thank u. N.D.
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