FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)


if i told you that
i loved you
would you turn around
and walk away
or would you stay
and let me love you
with a love long lasting
and forever true

i have kept my love
for you a secret
but i can not shut
it inside much longer
i'm losing my hold

you told me you're
so proud of me
but you can't show it
still i know it
won't you tell me more
of your heart's secrets

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

Comments (2)

One of the most hurting things in the world is to be in love with someone and they not know it or even suspect it. But what is even more strange is when there is love between two people and perhaps one is waiting for one to come forward. However, I have learned the hard way in that just because we love someone doesn't mean it is meant to be. But in your case, I hope so......very well written.
a delightful poem so full of truth and honesty longing and hope a real feeling come to the reader give a sort of picture of the world that's a great place to live in keep up the good work