YSN (19th july 1989 / amedzofe, volta region, ghana)


when i met you
it was just by incidence
i never took seriously
the way you smiled
or the kindness you showed me
you were a married man
but you were always there
shinning brightly like a candle in the dark
every time i closed my eyes
i saw your face, heard your voice

i felt like touching you, holding your hand
and just look into your eyes
but you belonged to another
i was merely building castles in the air
castles that were bound to fall soon
yes, you felt the same
you said you love me
yet we both knew it was impossible
had it been at another time
or another place
maybe we would have made it work
am so sorry seeing this tears in your eyes now
for we have to say goodbye forever
this secret we keep will bring nothing but pain

it hurts, God it hurts
to see you turn and walk away
i want to scream out STOP
don't go, please i need you
but my lips are sealed tight
am crying inside, the pain is too much to bear
i want to die, without you i, ll die
please don't go
but its too late, you close the door behind you
and am left alone standing here
feeling lost and afraid
afraid i might not be able to make it
without you, my darling
i am nothing

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wonderfull poem girl...! ! 10+++++ how romantic overview! !