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Secrets & Lies
MB (April 11,1989 / Ohio)

Secrets & Lies

Poem By Melissa Barber

Our secrets have torn us apart
Why did we ever start?
We had our rough beginnings
Hiding what we kept inside
Afraid to see each other's deep side

Lies that will haunt us
Till they destroy us piece by piece
Till we have nothing else to live for
I know you’re use to it by now
You’ve done it a thousand times before

You kept so much from me
I was so blind that I couldn’t see
But now I think I can see the light
The light that you hid from me for so long
Now it’s so bright
And now you’re wondering what went wrong
You were the one that was wrong all along

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Sir , Namaskar .
Sir , Namaskar . Bhala Lagila , ama samastanku , ama Ghare .
I liked the rhyme, but I think there may be a grammatical mistake...in the 5th line, did you mean ' Afraid to see each other deep inside'? Otherwise I think it's a good poem