(31-01-1990 / kolkata)

Secrets...Never Said

There are so many things you see,
There are so many things to say,
But, maybe they’re such that you cant seem to tell them.

They change you when they happen..
Your heart changes, your mind changes;
Even the loudest mouth keeps it inside..
Takes it to the grave without saying a word

You’re born, you journey life;
You have secrets that even the closest to you doesn’t know
It’s only yours! It’s something that just you would know!
It’s pure. It’s virgin.

You were born without it, but you’ll die with it…

So many things, people don’t know!
So many things, people don’t say!

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you are absolutely correct..u amazing great poem!
Some secrets need to be kept hidden from the insolent society forever.......10/10 Best Wishes Sameer
secret nicely told! and it acts life a tip to the life's part and parcel
An insightful observation eloquently penned. S :)
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