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Security Alert

Hackers are not just computer geeks
Who sit at their computer week after week
No, some hackers hack into the human brain
It's easily done, doesn't even cause pain
At least not initially, but from there on after
It'll take away your fun and laughter

The tobacco companies have to keep snaring
More young people whose lives they are little of caring
How do they do this, it seems their hands are tied
Not at all, they can still lay traps far and wide
Beautiful and handsome stars are ideal bait
Stick cigarettes in the mouths of George and Cate

Dress them well and parade them on the screen
And the subconscious mind will see the unseen
The hacker got through, a piece of cake
Planted his virus to cause misery and heartache
Instead of computing disgusting, foul and frightful
The computer computes delicious and delightful

(Sydney, Australia - 2006)

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