That's all started
With your kiss
Felt like you wanna tear
My tongue off.

Touched me from
Deep inside
Wanted me to play
With your organ.

And I realized
The pulse of your
Whole body
In my little organ.

by Abhinaba Sen

Comments (4)

To be a discoverer with the muse of life. Nice work.
A philosophical poem.Perhaps the poet sometimes felt lonliness in his days and counted them as separate island. thanks
A poem of riddle as secret is! Only a friend of the poet can decipher and hold it with him!
Deep and philosophical. I am taken to feel I will choose to treasure in the moment what I am holding and then to let it go, so that I can rediscover it over and over again in a new way or wave. This poem dances and preaches me little pebbles of truth and luminosity. Inspires me to dream and release even my words to the great space within the web of technology