Seduce Me

Seduce Me!

It is enough my darling
Blood and stains are everywhere
My present memories are too bitter
Seduce me to forget all these litters

I feel bad here to stay for a long
None is here to heal other's pains
Jungle lives are laughing and smiling
On other's wounds and tears
How can I be here for a long?

Seduce me dear to dream the land of paradise
Where the good hearted people felt for others?
Where there is no tears?
Where I can hear only the sounds of happy and glee
Seduce me dear to go over there to stay

Your eyes and signs of face can do
They keep me in heaven forever
Your love and affection is enough
They keep me young forever

Your honey spreading words are enough
They keep me as an angel in this land
Can you seduce me dear?
I want to live as a man at least here


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