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Seduced By Moonlight

Seduced by Moonlight
Beckoning siren serenades round
Paralyzed by bewitching sight
Lost in her world drifting down.

Shadows waltz in this dimness
Fireflies wink in midflight
Awed by Heaven's mistress
Blessing this very night.

Seduced by this Moonlight
Beckoning siren reaches for you
Grasp her hand and take flight
This evening was meant for two.

Oh, Seduced by such moonlight
Inviting smile, you cannot fight
You succumb to her calling
Basking in love and falling
Sweet emotions at midnight.

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it's beautiful :) I like poems called lucid. poets too
i thought it was interesting and by my analyzation i thought it was fairy like for some reason...i imagined a ivory white fairy-like girl dressed in black. It was pretty. kewl.