Seduction Of Generation X

Poem By Rosemary Shaw

It's a monster ever looming like an invincible tank of doom.
The stench of smoking guns and the blood of vacuumed wombs.

Lollipops and razors, sex abuse at age of two.
Contract executions, bludgeoned bodies stain the dew.

Fraternize, sodomize, reverse maternity.
Life is but a lifetime - to hell with eternity.

Muscle, sinew, flesh and bone, neither male nor female sought.
Images of wanton figures, paper pleasures seen and bought.

Rolling chairs for rocking chairs, hail the youth explosion.
Aim to maim, cloak the cult, reverence all revulsion.

Mutilate, manipulate, swap playthings for a hammer.
Educate to masturbate, expressing godless grammar.

Tuck a monster in a cradle, to baby croak an eerie tune.
"Drop a head down in a bucket", is a game for afternoon.

Weave a child a plastic basket, float it down a concrete Nile.
Measure Mom a dumpster coffin, while all hell's demons watch and smile.

Like the wooden horse for Helen, designed to wipe out Troy
Is the diabolical scheme in motion, the generation to destroy.

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