See It Through

When you're up against a trouble,
Meet it squarely, face to face;
Lift your chin and set your shoulders,
Plant your feet and take a brace.

by Edgar Albert Guest Click to read full poem

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Just perfect, I mean guys isn’t this just perfect
A very good poem from a great poet. tony
Powerful and worthwhile words by the talented writer.
Horrible poem, means nothing to Mo Bamba. Mo Bamba likes Sheck Wes
Great poem by the great poet.....10++++++++
A wonderful poem that I recited at graduation ceremonies at Morey Junior High. We were getting ready to move from 9th grade to 10th grade in High School. It is as true today as it was in 1952.
Ma sha Allah. A very touching, inspiring and uplifting poem. Remain hopeful through adversity.
It is a wonderful motivational poem on how to face an adversity or an adverse event in life. Fight it out, with the best of efforts so that one may be able to thwart it and even if one fails in this effort, it shall be of some solace that we have tried our best. Fantastic.
What an inspiring poem!
................a wonderful the positivity and motivation ★
Inspiring motivation - a call to be bold - loose opr gain no problem one must face
A motivating poem on facing problems and it is good.
A motivating poem on facing problems and it is good.
Would be part of a musical! happy peppy motivating! :)
I cannot understand why people insist on posting irrelevant things like the one below. This is a poetry site and this comment box is for reviews, not a venue for such senseless antics. The poem is excellent in composition, brilliant in its message and inspiring in its content. The flow and style spontaneous and smooth, making it a delight to read.