GO (MArch 9th 1983 / Georgetown Guyana)

See O.G.2

When spoken of
in mixed
my words
leave broken bodies
no bandages
I dont care about
being great
or what the standard is
I put pen to paper
cause the spirit
moves me
bin a stark
ravin mad lunatic
since I was 3
didnt ask
for the image
I was born an O.G.
with one foot
in hell I tried
to jump into heaven
but the streets
held me in place
at a year after 7
they put a blunt
in my left hand
and in my right a weapon
if I knew then
what i know now
i woulda stayed str8
some call it environment
some call it choice
but it was my mistake
either way i was destined
for something else
I will change my fate

by GodBody O.G

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Very powerful good stuff well done