GO (MArch 9th 1983 / Georgetown Guyana)

See O.G.

The past should never be forgotten, for it's lessons are timeless. The world is unforgiving, so I avoid the lime lights. I've learned from my past, never make the same mistake's again. I had a good year it just turned out wrong towards the end. Now I know what it's like to love and then to loose. Give ya heart away and then you get it back wit a bruise. Didn't want some things to turn bad, but couldn't avoid the fact it did. But I grew out of most things, guess I was no longer a kid. Wasn't tryin to cage no one that wanted to be free. So I'mma do like most say and I'mma just do me. I know more now than I thought I ever could. So from now on OG is gonna keep it str8 hood.

by GodBody O.G

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