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See That Star
JI (22/09/1990 / LAGOS)

See That Star

To some today is just a day
Even with its sparkling hope of grinning
The least they say is thank you
And live their life to suite the day
Even in pain they crave for gain
And lay their day as though in May
To say a few they wait for pay

To you
It is special
A plus added to the fix
Yet younger like the lovers in the Urn
Keats saw the Empty Street, and sounds of music
And the parson to bless
And termed it "Grecian Urn"
You, never an urn,
Life still in you, better than the urn
Strength still in you, ready for run
Smile still in you, ready to light up
Songs still in you, ready to share
It's another special day
All seen in you,
Is a tree that never cease to fight!  
Hmmmm! Happy Growth day
Happy joy day
Happy smile day
Happy song day
Happy dance day
Happy today
Happy YOU
Just be happy,
For that's why you are better than the urn
And we call today,
A day with the Alpha.

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