See This Boy

This boy says he is a king,
and he can be all he can be,
he lives life like royalty,
and love being who he be............

by Mahfooz Ali Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

very fine.. i liked it... keep going...
I love your poem sir....what a great writer you are.
Neither money nor power makes you the king..its your mind that'll make it.. And so you are the Nawab of lucknow..
Wonderful. Because man is living in his mind not in the real world. I will read more of yours. I request you to read and comment on my poem, 'The Innocent Village Girl'. Thanks
wow ali lovely poem yeh ill say like manjusha 'see this boy' dont change we all like you as you are yeh your the best -10 anjali
This boy...not a king, this boy...not a perfect, this boy...has a dream, this boy is me and he the best, no matter, what the world see.... Yaa this is YOU! ! ! and do not change it no matter what happens.. YOU ARE THE BEST! ! ! The poem is coming straight from your heart...this is the reason I am simply flattered...I loved the soul of the poem.... May the Almighty be with you...Always...