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See Through The Heart
TE (don't know / Earth)

See Through The Heart

The clamor of the poor

Out of hunger

The smirk of the rich

Full of stomach

Rumple walks Blunt face

Calm life Sharp gaze

The happy

The sad

The good

The bad

All of us..

For all of us go to that obvious place

For all of us get the call from outer space

For all of us have no choice but to accept the truth

To the poor:

Offer your drink share your bread

Provide your cloth share your bed

for the poor ones let the tears shed

Let us lay our eyes on the poor creature

Let us have a fear of God and the future

For its you, me, and us who brought this blaze

It’s up to you, me and us to turn it into grace

It’s better to make the world a better place

It’s up to you and up to me to bring the peace

For the world is a small village

For your life is a little baggage

For my life is a little baggage

For The life is a little baggage.

May 7,2005

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