See You!

See you in a short while
For its a call of time
For I am slave of time
I can never refuse its call.
For its an order from lovely princess of time!

I often play hide and seek
I go on and off
If I am breathing in
I am sure to knock in you door!
See you in short while!

I met you somewhere
At some point of time
So far it was a
wonderful poetic journey
Travelled along with you
With sweet and bitter rhymes
In course of time.

On my journey towards my destination
A stop arrived in course of time.
It asked me to get down for a while.

Catch you in a while
When this journey,
Again comes my way,
Again when it will stop my way
I am sure to get in!

Life has many stops
On its way towards destination.
you may get down
you may not
No choice left for final stop!

Till then bye for a week
Enjoy your wonderful weekly ride of poetic journey
With melodious song, dance and music
Thereby hunting for treasure innumerable in measures
Enjoy the beauty of life singing
Christmas and New Year songs
On Chills of winter,
Listen to your echo in snow covered mountain
Snow will melt on hearing your echo of love.

Enjoy the bountiful scenery that we are blessed with
Enjoy the beauty of life
Looking through the window of musical poems.
See you in a short while from now!

© 2014.

Geetha Jayakumar.

Note. See you are after a short break!

by Geetha Jayakumar

Comments (24)

Another beautiful poem - life with its beautiful stops, pauses and wayside entertainment till the final destination.
Nice lines...Enjoy the bountiful scenery that we are blessed with Enjoy the beauty of life....10 What makes me to wonder? And thrill under Such a nice spell Verbally I can’t express or tell There is magnetic pull That keeps me cheerful I read your creation And float under its recreation
Beautiful write! again from you_Soul
I love this prompt wish as sweet a prayer.
I met you somewhere at some point in time so far it was a wonderful poetic journey traveled along with you with sweet and bitter rhymes in course of time beautiful thought
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