See You The Next Day

As I sit alone in the corner, I think of how bad my life seems,

I remember the times you've showed yourself, but only in my dreams,

I think of how you would sound and smell then how you would feel,

But then comes the realisation, that truly, you're just not real.

I restrain to dig at my skin, knowing things will get better from then,

So intead I just close my eyes, I start to count back from ten,

I count down from ten to one,

When I open my eyes wide again, I think, with this, I am done.

However bad life seems inside your mind and thoughts,

Or whenever you're feeling upset and distraught,

Just remember there's always a better way with coping,

Because all around you there's people just hoping,

To see you the very next day

by Sarahh Riley

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Very, very true! Keep writing, nessy x