See You Well

Just a dream it was.
I sat on a beach and you were there by my side.
We laughed as the tide came,
played tickletoes.
How I longed for,
the reality of that dream.
Time has been coming,
So long and yet quickly.
I see that other little girl.
That mirror of me.
She went the one way and I chose another day.
Never to see her well, except in those dreams!
When we sit on the beach and play,
watch as tides take away.
Castles we built in the air of childhood daydreams.
Oceans may part the ways.
Stars take you far away,
but when the tide plays at tickletoes,
I am never alone.
Always in dreams with me.
Together, forever will be.
A muse and a Poet.
I will see you there Well.

by Susan Casey

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