Seeds We'Ve Sown

I want to live a life,
that is free of pain and sorrow,
I want to live a life,
so I will never beg or borrow,
I wanted you,
so I could live my life in love,
but, now I guess that part,
will have to come tomorrow.

It should have worked,
I still believe we could have won,
we shared too many happy days,
to have it done,
I now believe I finally see,
I can't change you,
you can't change me,
I am not truly sure that change,
was what was needed.

The key is understanding,
although, I still don't understand,
for there will never be perfection,
in the holding of the hands,
... while this is widely known,
... it is hardly ever shown,
as we pretend to know the end,
of loves demands.

Now we must part for parts unknown,
as in the past, again we've grown,
though we may never taste the fruits,
or know the trees from seeds we've sown.

by Barry Van Allen

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