Seeing A Cactus Take A Drink.

Have you ever felt out of place.
Not in the right time,
Not with your same race.

I can't tell if for him it hurts
I hope that he is not in pain,
But I know he's alive so he makes it work.

Nothing special not tall not wide
Still pushing himself to grow
strong he doesn't hide.

Usually south or on a sandy plain
Places hot and usually dry
That moment I knew I'd never forget that day

Push yourself to at least move forward
Don't every shy away
Push yourself don't ever be a coward.

For if a cactus in the north will still take a drink
No madder how out of place you feel
You are stronger than you think.

by Dillian Hansen

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Comments (4)

Such a wonderful write...insightful! Love my poem list...10+++++
Wonderful. Odd or suitable a place given to us not always of our choice. Only making an effort to thrive is in our hands. Love the imagery.
Excellent! ! ! Full of Poetic and metaphors.
I realized I said push yourself twice at first I thought of changing it but then I figured it's something worth saying twice.