Freedom A Gift Not Talent

They tell me im gone and this world has nothing for me
but do they really know, do they really see
cause I don't care what they think, i will be what i want to be
i got pain that feels so real
and it won't heal
like depression hits me
like a lightning, a loud boom of thunder
under the blue sky I wonder
am i gone or is it just a weak means
and i stay in the days like dreams
and i beg please
let me live with ease
and all these
im only but a child
and im already gone to death wishes...

by Anonymous Life

Comments (2)

Nice picture. Homer was a blind Poet. Yet he is the greatest. The same happens with love. A wonderful theme, dear Obed (responds to my poem 'Blind Fingers') Joseph Josephides - Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) Intern.Library of Poetry awarded
A very nice piece: Do keep it up