With Wings Of White

I see you when I sleep I see you when I weep
Your face always strong yet never there for long
You come to me when I'm down you never stay around
In the blink of an eye you have gone somewhere to fly
When I need you most your there for me even as a ghost
Your spirit is so pure this I am sure
Your in my heart all the way even when you are so far away
You were always there from the start I never wanted you to part
I must say it was hard to find my way
Now i understand you had to go and take your stand
So now with wings of white you stand up and take flight

by Tammy Parrett

Comments (2)

I bet he sees real wonders with those binoculars David, Oh to be a child again. Lovely poem. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Lovely. I fully understand the joy and hint of jealously in youthful imagination.