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Seeing Is Believing
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

Seeing Is Believing

Poem By Sean Furlong

Moon river and me
where I'd like to be
everything i see
ends up looney
how art thou in thine kingdom?
have thee loved and lost?
for such can bringeth wisdom
the heart thaws after frost
see the bottom then go up
have your tea and fill your cup
know the journey and you'll find
where to go using your mind

Wide styles for miles and miles
a world to see and so worthwhile
right around the corner lies the key to your existence
trite unsound forlorn, her eyes on me for an instance

I'll take you with me if you will go
way up high just over the rainbow
follow me and take my hand
meadows green and fertile land
a place to stay for eternity
where lovers love and lovers be.


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I really like the line 'the heart thaws after frost', as well as your rainbow metaphor at the end.