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Seeing Jordan
JSR ( / Dallas, Texas, USA)

Seeing Jordan

Poem By John Stephen Reynolds

Oh, prepare-let us prepare the clouds of the aeons,
multivariate in color, uplifting the heart in their
magnificence: let the Airs, the Breathings of the
Centuries and Millennia exhume the exhaust, the smog of
sight too short, from the mind; and bring in the
flowering of Love, the Love of God for us, for each of us.
Behold, by the light of new sunshine, the new and sensuous
worlds within the mind and heart: worlds filled with the
kiss and the loving of Sentience,
and we, by Sentience knowing Who we are-that we love,
that we make love in the deepest Significance of the Spirit:
for by love, we have come to know a universe,
a sky spanning as deeply within us- as the sky above us
the Heavens. For we know we are the children of God,
and by the sight of great and lovely light, our eyes
perceive that Vision has ultimately fused the
mighty outer creation with the mighty inner creation, by
Understanding, into a Union-and Infinity flows like a river
through both-for they are become one in the mighty Making
of Love: for Love, by Love-Making, has made itself visible to
us, living in the Creation.
Now will I look with new eyes within me: and behold,
the Jordan rolleth, and the star of Bethlehem shineth
forever and evermore.

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