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Seeing Spring In A Car
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Seeing Spring In A Car

A trace of beauty
Such a passerby is had
A corner, a moment that I barely noticed
Oh, if my eye were full of hints
She knows as well away is just so far
Only distance isn’t possible
A sun is distant
Sun pulling a trace away
I want as much a trace
As the feeling of a song
Made of old innocence knowing
A first kiss
A woman, a birth
Of fullness the trace in
Me is you.
For even a breath of it now
Says life’s alive in you
But it was me, the seer
If the sun is ever fresh
The sun will burn us up
A face of light
Laughing emptiness between
A tiny trace could split
A diamond sun to earth
Love, a reckless meal,
Filling two with the grill
A baker’s trace
Traces of it in everything
On the street these old
Words about a moment
It was a dream,
An island of the last thought
I judged thought a crime
For thinking over you, a time
Of you passing down King St.
The trace shows up in my eye
Today, years later,
A poem, words running over
As I would run
Or even as I already run
A little time to think
A little of you, of me
Oh so, a sudden path, a little
For even an appearance,
Absolutely good
Freshly known, growing a few
Next year –
I remember
Life divided by time –
Truly, the years are passing
An old man looks back
At me with someone far away –
What I wanted so long ago –
Now I am 40,
Oh man, my old dream be
While my taste changes
Too a trace
That at 50 I will remember
One of the pennies I laid
Out for someone
The moment the trace is gone
At 60,
I see it again,
Lying to a friend
A red barret and balloons drifting
Just me, the door
Watching himself live and die
And then at 76, in 1980
I follow the trace away for the very last time.

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