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Seeing The Light

They talk about the
Calm before the storm.
What about the
Tranquillity afterwards?
I can feel it coming!

Ever stood at the top of a hill?
Dark clouds overhead?
In the distance you can see
The brightness –
Coming your way.

That’s where I am,
At the top of my hill.
It’s been a long, cold, and
Often lonely climb.
No-one could do it for me
But I’m there.

Ahead of me I see light,
Warmth and sunshine.
All I have to do is walk
Towards it.
It is within my reach.
And standing there with
Outstretched arms to help
Are the friends who love me.

My way is clear now,
‘Just have watch out for
The last few
Potholes on the way ….

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