TG (Dec,9,1987 / Newport Tennessee)

Seeing These Scars Upon My Skin

Seeing these scars upon my skin
Makes me want to cut again
Because it numbs the feelings I keep
I've cut and re-cut myself so deep
This isn't somthing I like to talk about
But I hear its good to get my emotions out
So I feel these scars etched into my flesh
I love it when skin and blade connect
It's a release I love to feel
And I know eventually they will heal
People around me see and wonder what it is
They act like they haven't seen someone as messed up as this
In frustration my hands clench into fists
You think it's ok as long as there are no scars on my wrist
When I think of all that I hold inside
It's no wonder why I let the blade slide

by Tiffany Green

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