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Seeing You In Your Struggle...

I am getting so confused
I am not sure to know what to do.

What hell I'm I suppose to do for you?
They tell me nothing, but lies.

They don’t see the cries like I hear from you.
I thought we had someone help to you, and

lead me in someway of direction.
As, I try to use my protection

on asking what you need.
I feel no one hears this plea.

I am trying to see every situation that your in
I sort of been there myself.

Accepting for one fact when fighting for your life
back then, when you were born.

I was torn, but somehow the strife you needed
came to you.

I want you to know don’t know how that
Happen, but I promise you get that back

once again.
I know, right now it seems the burdens

are too hard for you to bear,
but you will see I will help you

through anything you need.
I always care for you

Help you face your biggest fear.

I will never doubt you and what
you need Even though, I see and also I

feel them mislead you.

I need you here beside me
without you life can't be

I have a lot to think about
There's a lot on my mind

Where is the answers that
I am trying to find?

I'm searching my head
I'm searching my heart

All I know is that this is tearing you
and me apart.

you and me are smart we will get
strife back once again.

They just seem not know what to do
With Seeing You in Your Struggle.

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