Seek And Explore

Search for no answer
It may be known to fewer
When you probe more
You are likely to feel sour

It is natural
When you find no dismissal
With arguments
Or any comments

We know sky is blue
But what is true?
Its hollowness
Or our eyes see it on face

It is puzzling
When rain is dazzling
We have no answer why does it rain?
But it is there for relieving the quest and pan

Seek and explore
You may fine more
To your satisfaction
For future action

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Re: Seek and explore (Score: 1) by Pujakins on Wednesday, November 05,2014 (21: 29: 16) Interesting here, I am pleased to see the entire poem. Thanks for this sharing. You do write many poems of all kinds. I admire your output. Warm wishes, Tasha
Ok Victor Griffith1 day ago Seems to be seeking answers. Well done Comment +1
Good! Patrick Waters1 day ago As Jefferson said, You are your actions. Comment +1
i concur Loty Ohan1 day ago i do believe letting things flow but what bout seek and you shall find?
Pinkijain Jain likes this. Hasmukh Mehta welcome Just now · Unlike · 1
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