MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Seek It Find It

Do you believe in Darwin’s tale?
In Satan’s pack of lies
Are you so deceived behind his veil?
Its folly to be wise

Then you think the moon is made of cheese
The stars came from a bang!
That all us Christians on our knees
Are just another gang

Do you believe but what you see?
In things some others tell
That God in Heaven cannot be
There’s no such place as hell

Do you believe we came from apes?
That lived up in a tree!
That nature with its countless shapes
Just simply came to be

Do you not believe in God my friend?
That Jesus Christ loves you
What power makes you comprehend?
Or cause to change your view

Perhaps for you within a book
You’ll see if God is real
Give it a try just take a look
Regardless how you feel

Each day a little time my friend
With Bible in your hand
Reading from front until the end
Will help you understand

“Who seeks” God says “Will surely find
Who hungers, will I fill”
I’ll open eyes of those still blind
To see and know my will”

by Michael P. Johnson

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