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Seek Your Destiny Upon A Desert Trail

My body aches with satisfied desire.
My body burns upon a funeral pyre.
Angels and Demons both conspire
To lead the night throughout the fire.

Tell me where we go from here.
Shed your fears in a single tear,
Love is one and one is near
Who will love you forever dearly.

Outside a sky of azure shades acts as a canopy to this Paradise of ours,
Clouds of smothering grace drift upon the faith that leads them.
I pass away the hours as I know they are ours to pass away.

A drill nearby tears through a concrete driveway,
There stands a boy, dirt beneath his fingernails,
Failing in his attempt to trail the sun,
His is a story as yet un-spun.

The horse of the pasture grazes nearby dreaming of freedom,
Beyond the horizon the horse of the desert bakes beneath the sun.

The first knows green fields and shelter from the Furies
The second knows the glory of this land.

The desert dweller seeks his sustenance from upon his shoulder,
The horse so accustomed to the pastures boundaries believes
At times that there’s nothing he could wish for as upon his back
No burden is placed but that of the saddle and his rider.

Freedom bound upon a desert trail any traveller may be the one
To gain the friendship of this wild and magnificent creature,
For in the desert he lies, beyond the hills as beyond the skies
He flies there still, free as he could ever wish to be.

Free until he finds himself friendship bound to the soul of her form
That greets him thundering before the storm.
He wishes to help her, he wishes he knew how to help her
And upon his mind it dwells, within his heart it swells.

For the dissolution of freedom he does not sigh,
For it was the voice of his heart as he spoke to the sky
In reply to the question why it was he cried throughout
The dream realm that confronted him.

In flesh he was free but required a love with which to share his
Thoughts and his embrace of natural rhythms.
Still he rides as soul he never knew in unison rests within the shade.
His dreams are fading as he is ever wading in search of the place
To call his home, his heart is screaming throughout the day dream
“No home is a home when we are alone! ”.

Seek your destiny upon a desert trail.

Know that every horse should enjoy
His share of grass and never fail
To laugh and smile and dance and sing.

He should never fail to chance upon the love
That sails his way upon Fates whim.

Back home at the pasture our consistent friend doth
Stand idly, knowing that there is no world beyond
The fence that he doth see without a journey in the cage.
He dreams of azure blades and skies of Emerald depths.
He stretches his imagination but can not create the experience
True of wandering alone beneath cascading waters pure.
He knows there is no cure for his blues.

Even the horse of the desert requires a companion
To make there home within his heart.

One dreams of freedom, one dreams of company
One fears restriction, one full of hesitation

Both contain the seed of the other
Both stride towards an integrated whole.
Both strive to save there souls not from
Eternal damnation nor from the cycle of reincarnation
But to save their souls from Typhon
The serpent of dull ignorance and manacle perversions.
Both seek distractions upon their diversions
Both seek to hold still the oils upon the spoon
Whilst taking in the beauty of Our Luna Moon.
Whilst allowing Apollo to kiss our lips as we
Turn our eyes towards the sky we may discover
A World of Mystery hidden within the silver
Linings of Destiny and her tidings.

Hide not from the hands of Fate.
Never fear that the moment is late
For what’s meant to be shall never pass you by
And though you may cry and though at times
You may question why it is that you must sigh so
Know that within you lay a divinity glowing
Awaiting you to know, awaiting you to flow.

Keep open the doors of aspiring clarity,
Keep distance from Vanity and know
That those whom she hath her claws in
May be forever lost to looking glass blues.
Break through the din of thronging masses
Create the day upon a whim yet seek not
To see the world through rose tinted glasses.

‘Don’t pass me by, Don’t make me cry’

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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