LTD (02-16-1976 / )


I'm walking, with no where to go, all of my belongings in a bag for the world to see.
All I want is for someone to give me a job, but no one will hire me.

I have no credintials, but I'll do anything to keep from having to walk the streets,
everytime someone looks my way, they avoid my eyes and to me they do not speak.

Why do people lookat me like I'm beneath them, which in a way I am.
With no house, no car, and barely no food to feed my tummy.
I'm not here to prove a point I'm just tring to live,
I'm out here in the cold, rain, sleet, and even when it's sunny.

You say I put myself in this predicament,
I've just had the case of the bad lucks,
one after the other.

Don't think you're better than me;
just because you have the things I'm missing,
it just goes without saying 'Stop and close your eyes,
picture this, my face could yours,
if your luck runs out too quickly.


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