Seeking Out Stars

Poem By Justine Wallace

I wish I could slip away
Like a butterfly in the breeze.
I wish I could swing without a care
Like monkeys in the trees.

I long to go on and on
And feel that runners high.
I long to do whatever I please
And never have to answer why.

I want to roam around the world
And see what should be seen.
I want to leave and start anew
With a slate that's scratched but clean.

I desire to act without consequence
And call freedom my friend.
I desire to fly right off the ground
And feel my feet ascend.

I yearn to know who I am,
Not who I have to be.
I yearn to be strong for myself,
Not just for those who depend on me.

I would like to love with open arms
And without apprehension.
I would like to feel what it truly means
To have my heart hang in suspension.

I dream of my best being good enough
And not having to strive for pars.
I dream of days when I don't have to wish,
When I don't have to seek out stars.

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